Access Violation

When attempting to edit or import any songs the following error pops up:

Access Violation at address 014A7E14 in module 'EasyWorship.exe! Read of address 0000005C

I have reinstalled Easy Worship with no success. Is this a Windows issue or an EasyWorship issue? And what is the fix?


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EasyWorship Support will more than likely look at this topic tomorrow when they are back in the office. In the meantime you need to provide the following information. What version of Windows and what version and build number of EW are you running as that is the first thing they will ask.  

If you're running EW7, it sounds like you may have a corrupt song theme. Please go to the Song Themes and right click a different theme and set it as your default and see if that fixes the issue.

It seems that this may have been the fix, thanks for your assistance! I will let you know if it pops back up, God Bless

Terry L. Ryan

Penia Baptist Church,

Cordele, Georgia

USA 31015

1 Cor. 10:13

I've been having the same issue. I changed the song theme and this seemed to fix it for now. I'm not sure why this happened though. The theme we were using was a default theme from Easyworship. 

Been having same issues changed the theme and it worked. Glad I saw this thread

I am having this issue when trying to edit a song AND when trying to create a new song.  I deleted the background from Themes, but still get this error.  Any help?

EW error.PNG
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I would suggest deleting and reinstalling the software. If you've tried changing the default them and deleted the old one I'm not sure what else would work other than doing a reinstall. 

I would suggest calling tech support 918-250-1493 and we can try to help you with this issue.

I reinstalled the software, but am still getting this error.  I was on version 7.3 something and am now on the latest version.  This issue was noticed when I tried to create a new song.  It also appears when I try to edit certain songs that somehow have the background removed (black background when there used to be an actual background or picture), and the song information lines usually at the bottom left corner of the screen are now half-way up the screen.  This is only on some songs - others are OK and editable.

Try what Terry Stout suggested as he actually works for EW in their support department. Otherwise try deleting the actual Theme you were using and create a new Default Theme, or set one of the other Themes as the default as others have stated it has worked for them. No one has suggested deleting the background has had any affect on this problem.

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