Error Message

I get the following message every time I start EasyWorship:

Error executing SQL "BEGIN IMMEDIATE:" : attempt to write a readonly database.

I have not done anything before the message appears. It will often appear multiple times

It is probably an issue with one of the Databases in your Profile.

Please contact the EW Support team by calling +1-918-250-1493, or you can schedule a callback by going to

They will most likely need to remote into the computer to take a look at the database issue you are experiencing.

Do you know if your database is on the local drive or if it is saved on a cloud drive?

Everything is local. This is a new computer, so basically a fresh start.

Which build number of EW 7 are you running? I have seen this with an older build of EW 7. 

I'm in the process of transferring our EasyWorship databases to a new (replacement) computer and get this error message when first starting up. Have there been any further results in the last 12 months? I'm running EW

Incidentally the same error message popped up when I clicked on "Help" to get the version number. :(

Nigel, it would be best for you to contact support directly about this issue. or you can email them at

Thanks Dan, appreciated.

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