Displaying Video or Image only to Front and Foldback

We use video or images as prompts to Foldback and not necessarily to the front of house using Black Key to hide if not needed. Sometimes, like Christmas, we would display an appropriate picture whilst the children are acting in a Nativity play e.g. a Starry Night. This has all ceased now when using Alternate Output as there is no way to show an image or video because you can only use Themes with, songs, scripture and presentations and not images or video. If we use the Black Key it also blanks the cameras which we don't want so we are finding that the Alt Output, although useful for some purposes has caused other issues.

Is there plan to give Themes on images and videos or multiple Themes on songs, scripture and presentations which would help greatly. I also find trying to edit or duplicate Themes very difficult and having to create them each time is so time consuming.

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Yes it is planned to have much more versatility with the themes for Alt out. Our developers are working on finding the best way for it to work properly.

I do have duplicating themes in our feature requests.

You can show videos and images on the alternate output that are not in the theme. You can check out our blog post about Alternate output to find out how.

Alternate Output

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