unsubscribe easyworship 7.3

 how to unsubscribe easyworship 7.3

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Are you wanting to go back to your previous version or do you want to cancel your subscription?

Please cancel my subscription of EasyWorship!

Thanks in advance!

Pastor Phil Wyatt

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account on our website. www.easyworship.com

Or, you can call support to cancel at +1 918-250-1493 ext 1

Hi there.  I currently have access to Easyworship but our person who has Admin access has moved to New Zealand (from Australia) and we are wanting to unsubscribe from this service.  Can you help us unsubscribe please? Thanks.

Scott, you will need to call the office if you do not have access to the login for the program. 918-250-1493 9 AM to 6 PM CST M-F.

Terry, we are in Australia.  This makes it difficult. Is there another means to arrange this? 

We are 16 hours behind you. You can create a ticket and send it to support@easyworship.com and we can try to help via the ticket. 

I would have to call from Australia.  Is there an alternate process?

OK. How do I create a ticket?

Hi Scott. I'll create a ticket for you and have someone contact you. You'll receive an email with a reply.

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