Return monitor

Hi, I am new with Easyworship and I have a couple question if anyone can help. 1- is it possible to play Alerts in only one screen and not all the main screen? To play on a return monitor for example. 2- is possible to play a schedule on auto? one after the other? Like a slide show?

You can set alerts to display on the main or alternate outputs and even foldback if you're using that for its own alerts.

But if you have alerts set up for your main out for example, it will show on every monitor that is set up as a main out. Same for Alt out and foldback.

You can create a presentation in EW that will auto loop, but you won't be able to create a full schedule and have it advance to new schedule items automatically. 

If you are referring to only displaying the message on the Foldback (or stage) display then click on the Foldback tab under alerts to send the message. See the linked support video for more information. It starts at around the 4 minute mark.

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