mp4 videos not playing on 7

can anyone help me. Our church uses a list of videos that are in mp4 form and before they used to play fine on EW now all of a sudden they are not playing. It just shows a black screen when clicking on them. I tried to download the quicktime player and reboot the system and nothing. I dont know what else to do. And we rely on those videos so much on our church does anyone have any ideas?????

Is there any update to this? New to Easyworship 7 and same issue. Mp4 clips dont play, only black screen. Works perfect in powerpoint, Media Player and VLC.

only the video backgrounds supplied by easy worship , work.

BUILD :7.4.19

Running Windows 11 Pro, Core i7, 16gb ram, Geforce GT710

I would test one of the mp4 files by using VLC media player to reconvert into an MP4 file. I seen some mp4 that won't work unless they have been reconverted. 

Using a dedicated Video Renderer such as the FREE Handbrake would be vastly superior to using VLC to re-render or reconvert videos. While VLC can convert videos, it's doesn't do that good of a job and it tends to crash a lot when doing this. 

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