EasyWorship will not save schedule


Our easyworship will not save our new schedule? What do I need to do? 

Where are you trying to save to? Have you tried Save As with a different name? Has this been happening since day one or is this something that just started happening recently?

We are trying to save the file to EW? When I click on the save button...nothing pops up to save....same with the Save As? This just started recently.

I can open old schedule files and I am able to save...but when I make a new schedule now...it will not save?

By where I was referring to the computers main system drive, a USB drive, network storage, etc. 

After clicking Save or Save As hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and tap the Tab key to cycle thru the available windows. It's possible that the Save / Save Ad Dialog box is opening off screen.

sorry...I did the alt/tab key and didn't see it in another window? Even when try I close the schedule out...it ask me do I want to save...and I click yes...and nothing...I'm sorry...thank you for helping me. 

I don't have any other ideas. Let's hope one of the EW Support Staff has an answer about this. 

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