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Request: Bible "Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling 2021" (Dutch)

The NBV2021 is an update over the NBV2007 version that is available as bible in EW.
It was published this week and will likely be used in may Dutch churches replacing the NBV2004/2007.

See also: (in dutch)   

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Good afternoon, Hermen.  While we still do not have an exact release date, I can say that our development team is in the final phase of deploying the NBV21 Translation. I know you and many others are anxious for the release of this version and that it can be frustrating not to have an exact date, but I don't want to provide one and then have a delay that would disappoint.  We sincerely thank you for your continued patience, and I will provide an update as soon as one is available. 

Hallo Leslie, wat is de verwachte release datum?

Hi, Jan. Our development team is working diligently on getting the NBV21 translation added to an upcoming release of EasyWorship. Build 7.4 is in beta test now and we hope to add NBV21 soon after. We sincerely appreciate the patience of all of our valued customers while we work to provide you with a complete and accurate plug-in of this bible.

hello Fred, would you given me a update when the NBV 21 is available?

thank you.

Hello Fred,

Thanks for the update.

Can you give some more details regarding the current process and scheduled availability date?

Thanks for your efforts!

Good to see that the NBV21 is now in progress, looking forward to get this as soon as it is available.


Can you already give a date when the NBV2021 will appear?

The contract is approved. Development will add this to the software as soon as they are able.

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Hi Fred Callicoat,
When are you ready with your negotiations? It seems that service to your Dutch customers is not very high in your priority list :-(

We are also waiting for this bible version to become available. Any updates?

Any updates?

Hi Fred,

Any news on this topic? Hope to hear from you soon.



I hope this version is available very soon.

I am also curious for the progress. Really look forward to NBV21 in EW7

Any Progress?

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