Please Fix for the Powerpoint issue

Please fix the Powerpoint issue. It has been 5 months since tech support told me you were working on a fix. I need to convert my Powerpoint files to jpgs every Sunday. Other than this we love your product unfortunately, this issue might force me to look for another product. 

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What issue are you having with PPT. I searched around but I can't find your original post to see what it said.

Remember that it isn't EW at fault here. It's Microsoft constantly updating PPT (normally monthly) that breaks the integration between it and other programs such as EW. Every time EW comes up with a fix for one issue created by an update, MS updates again causing more issues. Quite often what fixes an issue with one release of PPT will break another one creating a vicious cycle. This is why most other presentation software similar to EW have stopped supporting playing PPT files at all and require the user to save their PPT's to individual image files. Even ProPresenter doesn't support PPT at all, just image files.

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