Change Background according season

Hello, I need your help, I have 200 songs, I have created collections of media according to the season (Winter, summer, etc.) It happens that I want to know if there is an easy way to randomly apply those collections to all my songs in a random way, that is to say that a song has a video in the background, another song another, and so it is easier to change it according to the season, something more automatic, is there something like that or am I crazy? Thanks for your time.

None that I know of. You have to add the background to each song individually if you want them to be different.

That might be a cool feature for the future though, to be able to choose a "Collection" and have it randomly change backgrounds using the media from that collection. Not sure how many people would actually use that since most people like to use specific backgrounds, but might be useful to some.

I can see it being useful, especially if one is in a hurry.

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