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I have just downloaded easy worship 7 software and installed it in my computer. I have tried to login for registration of the product by using my email address and password but i keep on getting the "Invalid license response" error. What do i do..?

  Oh and under the "Product license" option in my account i get the "no licenses for this account" please help.

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 Due to privacy and security concerns you would need to either call EW by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket.

same issue here

And the same answer applies to you.


any help with the above

Same answer that I have posted numerous times above. It's something that EW has to handle at their end and due to privacy and security concerns they do not handle this in a public forum like this. 


so what do I need to do to inform easyworship team because I need this ASAP

You follow the instructions I've posted already in this thread.  It's in the second post above.

#104780 Invalid License Responce, that is my ticket number for Support, but I did not received any Support from Easy Worship

It can take a while for them to respond. It isn't instantaneous. Give it time. 

Please, after having a support ticket, what should I do?

About all you can do is wait for them to reply to you which probably won't happen until Monday as they are closed for the weekend. About the only thing you can do is check that Windows Firewall is configured to allow EW to pass thru it, verify that you are submitting the correct information, and try again later (in case it is a temporary issue with the EW servers). I'm not an employee of EW so I don't have any access to their support or registration system. 

You are trying to purchase the subscription from inside the program while you are logged in with an account that does not have a license. You will need to purchase the license from the website outside of the program and then you will be able to login to the program with a valid license. 

Terry, is that what causes all of the Invalid License Response errors?

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