easy worship crash

when i try to put something on the schedule screen, like a song i get the following error window "Access violation at address 772FD0FF in module 'ntdll.dll', Write of address 00000014. 

This has started happening since i installed the new build of Windows 10 build 21364.

I have downloaded a new copy of EasyWorship and installed it, with no change.

Has anyone else had this problem?

That's a Beta version of Windows and shouldn't be used for production use. I haven't experienced that error on the latest RELEASE version of Windows 10, nor have I run across anyone else reporting this issue with any RELEASE version of Windows 10. But it's good to make EW aware of that error so they can look into it for when the RELEASE version of 21H1 comes out next month.

You should also report this to the Microsoft Insider Program so that they can also look into it as it may very well be a problem with that build of Windows.

My machine at church is a release version of windows 10, but i use my home machine to build my schedules and it is the insider version. I was just trying to figure out if my problem was with my home machine or EasyWorship, or Windows. Thanks for the help.

Most likely a change in the Insider Builds of Windows. As they tend to change every day or two it would be difficult, if not impossible for EW to keep up with how Microsoft screws up Windows in the Insider Program.

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