Black Screen With Easy worship 7

 Hello I am using windows 10 with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics card and i am getting a total black screen when I open Easy Worship 7 which i just purchased a few minutes ago.

I also noticed that the version of easy worship brings up a notice that says 32-bit and the computer is a 64-bit, i figure that might have something to do with the error, but I didn't see any options to choose between 32 and 64 bit at the time of purchase.

I also released that there is no number to call so what can I do?

I need this to be up and running properly for tomorrow (Saturday) worship service.

EW is a 32 bit program. It will run just fine on 64bit Windows so that has absolutely nothing to do with your issue. The number to contact their support department is +1 918-250-1493. Unfortunately I don't know if anyone will be answering that phone today (Saturday).

It sounds like your Live output may be set to your primary monitor and it opening in front of your control screen if all you see is a black screen. If this is happening, you can either press your Windows logo key and then click the EW icon on the taskbar to open it or you can press Ctrl+Spacebar and that should bring your control screen to the front. You can then go to Edit > Options > Advanced and uncheck the box to open the Live output on startup, or you can change the live output window to go to your projector screen in Edit > Options > Live.

Dan, I personally feel that should be the default setting. And you can also hold the ALT key down while tapping the ESC key to cycle thru the open Windows till you come to the Control Screen.

Ok, I will try all your suggestions and see which one works. Thanks for the advice.

At the bottom of the tab, select the vertical and horizontal alignment you would like your song slides to have. If you want to Reset all the song settings back to the global default settings, click Reset in the bottom right corner of this tab.

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