EW7 NVIDIA Graphics Slow Transition Issue

 We ahve been running EW7 for quite a while now with no issues. Since last October (2020), we have been experiencing issues with the graphic display not keeping up during page slide transitions. There is a 5 second delay between the mouse click and the final display.

We have just swapped out the graphics card with a newer NVIDIA Quatro card. With static background, the transition is faster but ghosting appears every few slides and there is no difference if there is motion in the background. There is no issue when we are showing video outside of EW7. Any suggestions? We are using a PC that is 4 or 5 years old with an AMD processor, 16Gb memory. The CPU is not an issue, the GPU is very active.

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Quadro cards are not supported by EW and tend to cause problems.

See the system requirements for for supported graphics cards. 


And I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you updated EW7 to one of the 7.2.x.x builds which was released about that time. If so, download and install that. It works better with older or lower powered graphics cards due to the 7.2.x.x builds moved more processing load only the graphics than and previous. You can download from the bottom of the EW7 download page found below. Just double click on it and follow the prompts .


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