Video Freezing While Playing

We have been using EasyWorship 7 on our current desktop computer for a while now and had no problems until just recently when it seems that our beginning 5 Minute Countdown video freezes while it plays.  There is no consistency either.  Sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not.  Sometimes it freezes in the middle and sometimes in the beginning and the end.  Also it seems that other smaller videos in the schedule are not effected by it.  Could it be connected with a Windows 10 update or something with EasyWorship.  Again, this just has started happening out of the blue.  Any help would be MUCH appreciated.  Thanks so much!   

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Did you recently update EW from to That would cause that problem on an older computer or one with graphics that don't meet the RECOMMENDED requirements. The normal fix for this is installing which uses less graphics power than You can find at the bottom of the EW 7 download page found at

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