Hiding extra text at the end of the song title

In an earlier version of EasyWorsip (EW2007), if I added extra text in brackets at the end of the title name, that text would not appear in the song credentials when projected, but would still appear in the song names as listed in the database. It allowed me to have more than one version of a song in the database and distinguish each version by the extra info in the song title. For example, songs listed as follows in the database as:

- O Come, O Come Emmanuel

- O Come, O Come Emmanuel (special version with bridge)

would each show as "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" on the projected slide (in the song credentials at the bottom left).

Now, in EW7, the brackets are not recognized as special characters, such that the full text (including any text in brackets) appears on the projected slide.

Which leads to my question: Is there a way in EW7 to hide some of the title text, thereby allowing us to easily keep slightly different versions of the song in the database without the viewers seeing anything different in the name of the song?

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