MP4 video files - so frustrating

Hi All

Please help, mp4 video files play great outside of EasyWorship but once its imported into EasyWorship, its an absolute mess. Ready to give up on EasyWorship and use something else. 

We are using a super grunty computer to power Easy Worship so I know its not the machine. Also, media files work really well if not played in EasyWorship. 

Kind Regards

Pastor Brendon

REACH Church Oamaru, NZ


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I am sorry I will try to help you. 

Open EW7 and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know which build you are running. 

Click on the Windows icon (Start menu) at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen,

Type in "DXDIAG" and click on 'DXDIAG.exe' or 'DXDIAG run command',

Click Yes when a yes/no question appears,

Click on Save All Information.. at the bottom-right of the DXDIAG window,

Save the information under and obvious name such as "dxdiagoutput",

Attach the saved file here

Also on the MP4 file if you right click on it and then left click on PROPERTIES there is a details tab what is the width and height of the file?

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