Certain mp4 loops cause 100% utilization on GPU

Hi guys,

I'm running EasyWorship on a new computer that I built last year and I'm having some trouble.


Ryzen 2600

32gb Ram

250gb SSD main drive

4TB HDD archive drive

750 ti 2gb vram GPU (This is the only component that isn't new)

Elgato HD60 pro

The setup I am running includes 2 monitors plus our projector and we are streaming everything to facebook via OBS.

Here is the issue I have. My pastor has started using some looping video as the backgrounds for a lot of our slides during advent and there are certain loops that take my GPU usage from 30%-40% immediately up to 100%, thus slowing down the entire system. I recently changed out the 750TI GPU for a GTX 970 that was loaned to us thinking that it would have enough headroom to fix the issue but it in fact made no difference. 

Here is a link to one of the offending videos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ug2pRq6Tk3fp0VyYw4Sypxsrq6jMF5R/view?usp=sharing

I did some snooping on it and I found it to have a much higher bitrate than the normal videos that cause no problems, and it's only a 1080p resolution. I noticed that most of the videos that work fine were all in the mpg format, so i quickly converted the offending mp4 to a much lower bitrate mpg to see if that would fix it. To my surprise it changed nothing, GPU usage still jumped to 100% as soon as I made it live.

Why is a 1080p video grinding this fairly capable computer to a near halt?



Which build number of EW7 are you running?

We are on

 Try or is notorious for pushing the graphics card extremely hard and can often bring an under powered card like a 750 ti to it's knees. The 750 ti is really only suitable for 720p videos/motion backgrounds. I have used more powerful graphics than the 750 ti with and had terrible results. was passable, but still not that capable. The GTX 970 should have no problem with that video tho. I regularly run an old Intel i5-2500, 8 gigs of ram, and a GTX 970 with with no problems on It had a extremely high GPU usage under

I also see an Elgato capture card listed. Are you attempting to stream from that computer or recording on it while projecting? That would also make things problematic. 

And try using Handbrake to encode those videos to x.264 MP4 (not 10 bit), 1000 to 2500 kbps, 720p resolution to see if that helps. People who create videos with Macs tend to use the default settings for rendering making ridiculously oversized videos with idiotic bitrates. Those bitrates might be suiable for projecting as a movie on a Theatre Screen, but not when used as a motion backgrounds where anything higher than that 2500 kbps is overkill and no one will be able to tell the difference. And even if they could, they would find stutter, lag, etc. to be more distracting than the smooth 1000 kbps.

And yes, a 750 ti can easily handle that 16000 kbps bitrate when played thru a dedicated video player like VLC. But EW throws in some extra overhead to do what it does.

While I was at our Church this afternoon I tried the video on our older I5-2500, 8 gig ram, SSD, GTX 970 system and when used as a motion background for song lyrics, scriptures, etc I never experienced GPU usage higher than 20%. This was on the newer build of EW7 that was created to fix the high GPU issue.

I would definitely give release a try as it should take care of the issue with the GTX 970. How well it will work with the older 750Ti is anyone's guess, but I would image that it might work okay with it as well.

Also make sure you are using Nvidia supplied graphics drivers and not the ones provided by Microsoft in Windows updates. You might want to try DDU (Display Driver Unistaller) to completely remove all traces of your existing Display Drivers and then clean install the latest Nvidia drivers to see if that helps. I'll post the link to it in the next message. The EW Forums has a nasty habit of blocking  or delaying replies with links in them and I don't want you to not get what I've stated in this message waiting for that one to show up.

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