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We downloaded EW 7 and it is not maximizing on our full screen. It is staying on the bottom of the page. 

What version of Windows are you running on this machine? Also what is the screen resolution set at?

Sorry for the delay been super busy. We have Windows 10. We got the maximize issue taken care of, but when we do maximize it then is fully maximized on our desktop and can’t do anything else except hit control/alt/delete to open device manager and force close the EasyWorship app just to have control of the system again. I don’t get it, any help would be a blessing. Also to migrate all of our songs and media from EasyWorship 6 without losing everything like we did the last time we upgraded, to EasyWorship 6. Nothing got migrated and had to manually put it all back in

Does ALT TAB not allow you to regain control?

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