Audio and video not in sync

We are using Easy Worship (version 6) for many years now and are happy with it.

We are now considering of upgrading tot EW7.

Since Covid19, we use a lot of video material and no live songs.
We notice that video lags audio by approximately 100ms.

At first, we thought our hardware was a bit underpowered. We replaced the laptop with a laptop with an NVIdea card and videos run smooth.
However, the 100ms lag is still there.

With EW6, we can adjust the settings in the LAV encoder so that we can delay audio with 100ms and all is well.

Prior to the ugrade to EW7, we built a desktop PC (Core i5, SSD, plenty RAM and a Geforce 1650 video card with 4 outputs.

Very nice.

We use it with EW6. It works beautifully, but ...... still the video lag. And certainly the PC is not the issue.

When we use EW7 (we use the demo version ( to test it. Exactly the same lag !

Problem is that with EW7, we can no longer adjust the audio delay.

This keeps us from using EW7. I do not think our hardware is the problem.

I think the lag should be fixed in EW7 or at least have the option of tuning the audio and video sync.

Videos play correctly synced in other software, only in EW6 the video and audio are out of sync.

If you want to check for yourself, use this video to check you system:

Looking forward for solutions!



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Hello, I have the same issue with EW6. Outside of EW the video syncs with the audio just fine but when run through EW, they are out of sync. I randomly tried running a video through MS Movie Maker & it corrects this issue, I have no idea why! I just put the file into Movie Maker & resave it using the "Android phone (medium)" preset which ends up being 1280 x 720. (Okay for us.) Other details listed are bit rate = 10.19, It's still not a great solution, extra work & file size increases but it's all I have to correct the issue. I am not well educated in video so maybe this will make some sense to someone else who is. (Btw, I am Kim. My husband, Gary, created our account.)

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