[ANSWERED] What are the actual system requirements for easy worship?

Before some genius links me to the system requirement page, that is entirely BS. According to the system requirements page, a i5-460m meets the recommended requirements. This CPU is out-preformed by every single desktop i3, and some mobile i3 chips as well. As i3s are listed as below the recommended system requirements, which makes this generic system requirement page impossible.

Beyond this, the system requirements are ludicrously high. Having worked extensively with all sorts of PCs I will say that unless you are doing CPU heavy tasks (rendering, video games, compiling) you will not notice much of a difference between a earlier core 2 duo and a 4th gen i7 (assuming desktop cpus).
You require a 630 to even run the program, with a 650 required to use "advanced features", which include HD video. I have watched hd video on systems with the integrated graphics of a early core 2 duo. While I can understand foldback requiring more horses as it uses more displays, a 710 can run 3 1080p displays (not duplicated) and play 1080p video on all three simultaneously.

So why is it that EW is requiring the same horse power that was required to drive triple A games of a few years ago? Are the system requirements just something someone slapped together (which is why there is a 930 and 940 listed as compatible, despite not existing), or is there a legitimate reason for the ludicrous system requirements.

The reason I post this is that I was browsing though the forum and I found a post where a users system requirements were below the minimum, and that was deemed the cause of the problem, even though it was more likely a program conflict. Having done alot with old PCs, its rare to see a program work incorrectly due to system requirements, normally that program will fail to load entirely or simply run slowly.
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Hi haxltd@gmail.com,

Thanks for posting about the system specs for EasyWorship.
We do our best to be as accurate as possible with system specs for EasyWorship.
We also do our best to test the software on as many hardware combinations as possible on order to render a list of system requirements that make sure you get the best experience with EasyWorship.
Will EasyWorship run on lower specs? Yes, but we don't want you to have a bad experience because the system you are running the software on is too slow to handle it.

You stated that the NVIDIA 710 and Integrated graphics support 1080p video. They do, but they do not do a good job and rendering that same video content at 1080p using directdraw, direct3d and other functions of DirectX. EasyWorship needs to used these 3D rendering functions in Windows in order to allow you to do live rendering of Text over video, video transitions and various other functions that the software must perform in order to give you the functionality that you have with EasyWorship.
Running EasyWorship is similar to playing a video game and rendering videos. This is why we require a good video card and a good processor.

When we do our testing, pay close attention to dropped frames, tearing and other video / audio anomalies that are caused by low system specs. We have very high standards, it has to be smooth before we recommend it for the HD / Advanced functions.

If you feel the system specs are too high, you are more than welcome to use the software on a lesser machine. It may work fine, or it may be slow. I always tell people to try it out on their computer and see how it behaves as there is no way we can test every combination of hardware. Our system requirements are simply a guideline to help you have the best experience with our product.