[ANSWERED] Unable to Find Song Background Easily

I've been trying to edit a song's background image but unlike EW 2009 which shows the path to the image location, EW6 does not. Hopefully this is an oversight and will be added back into Easy Worship soon as trying to find backgrounds is not as easy as it once was.


Anything that you add to a song should be in your Resources folder because all you media is stored in that folder. If you add an image to Images it will copy the file there. The same with videos. When you add them into EW under Media//Videos it copies the files to the Resources folder and places it in videos.

If the path is in the normal location on Windows it should be c:\users\public\public\documents\softouch\easyworship\default\resources and here you have the folders videos, images etc.

You can also easily find your resources folder by clicking on Profiles//Proflies Manager// here you will click on the Instance Location that is highlighted in blue this will take you directly to the profile and in here you will see the Resources folder.
Thanks for your reply Terry. So it's not like EW2009 then, it copies every file into the resources folder whereas 2009 showed the path to the file and properties showed you more than just the file name but also the file type and path too. Do you think this maybe change in a later version, as I miss the previous way that gave full info.