[ANSWERED]Audio files default properties


I had a follow up question in regards to my previous post, viewtopic.php?f=67&t=14822

I understand that I can edit the audio properties and change a file to only play once (arrow pointing to the right). If there any way to have this set to default when adding an audio file to easy worship? I have about 100 mp3's I would like set on "only play once" and I'm trying to avoid having to change the setting for each file manually.



All the audio files that are in the media section should already default to not loop.
I added a new media file and noticed that the repeating property is set to "auto" by default. Unless I change this to the "arrow pointing to the right" it will loop when it use it on a slide. I'd like to avoid having to select the arrow on each song every time I add new ones to the database. Does this make sense?

I am sorry I meant to say the files are all set to auto which means that if you play it alone it will not loop automatically but if you drop it onto song lyrics or a background image it will loop.

This is all hard coded into the program and there is not a way to change all the audio files at one time to something other than what it is already set at which is auto.
Thanks for checking on this. I will just change the properties manually then.