[RESOLVED]Inspector window wider than screen

Oh, you will probably want a screen shot - well, please try to put up with a written description :

Wherever I have EW opened up, whether it is maximized so it fills my desktop or if I have reduced it and moved it to the right side of the desktop, wherever I have it, when I open the inspector (edit an item), the inspector opens up about 1 inch to the left of the base page of EW. So if I have EW maximized, the left side is hanging over onto my projector monitor. (I have my desktop set up as my main monitor with my projector monitor positioned to the left of that.) I then maximize the inspector - click the box in the upper right hand corner, the one just to the left of the X - and it fills my screen and is on just my screen and not hanging over the edge.

If my base page (I am sorry for not knowing the name for the panes when you open EW) is to the right on my desktop, then the inspector opens up 1 inch wider than the base page, but doesn't hang over onto the projector page.

So is there a way in options or in my computer's settings, that I can change where the inspector opens? Can I have a way to open it that the left side of the inspector is flush with the left side of my base page?

Yes, I can live with this and work with it. I just wonder if I have a setting wrong that I can change.

Thanks for putting up with not having a screen shot.


First I need to make sure that you are running build 5.5 so click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and make you are .

Also what version of Windows are you using?

What are the resolutions of each of your outputs in Windows?
Also what is the DPI setting on each of the outputs as well?
And finally what video card are you using?
Yes, it is build 5.5

Windows 10 pro

1024 x 768 on the screen I would be editing on
dpi - not sure, but I can check on the weekend.
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
This is not the only post on this matter. This is something I have experienced every time I open Inspector. It actually happened to me about three hours ago when I was setting up a new song in EW for this weekends programs. I always have to adjust the size of the window as some of the buttons are on the join between screens. Some of my AV team have been caught with this spilling over onto the projection screen during a live program. Does not matter what the screen res. It is something that needs to be fixed before the next update.

I need both of you to try something for me to see if this is a bug or a issue with the Windows settings file.

1. Bring up Windows Explorer [attachment=3:2i62brlm]explorer_icon.png[/attachment:2i62brlm]

2. In the address bar type in %appdata% and then press Enter. [attachment=2:2i62brlm]addressbar.png[/attachment:2i62brlm]

3. Open the Softouch folder. [attachment=1:2i62brlm]softouch_folder.png[/attachment:2i62brlm]

4. Open the EasyWorship.v.61 folder , then the Settings folder and then rename the WindowsSettings.ini file to OldWindowsSettings.ini. [attachment=0:2i62brlm]oldwindows.png[/attachment:2i62brlm]

5. Finally close all those windows and then restart EW6 and see if the issue returns.
ALVIN - the quick way to resize the screen is to click the maximize button in the upper right hand corner of the inspector screen. Then your inspector fills the whole screen and no longer hangs between screens. This won't help if your tech crew is trying to advance slides and edit them at the same time. But if you are making slides, it brings the left side of the inspector into usable range.

TERRY - The name of my file was WindowSettings. There was no ini after it. There is only 1 s in the middle of it. You have it both ways (WindowsSettings and WindowSettings) on your example for the new name. So how do you want window(s)Settings spelled? And do I need to add the ini?

I changed WindowSettings to OldWindowSettings and then opened EW. The screen still hangs over the left edge.

It is just WindowSettings don't worry about the ini. It just means that you have show file extensions turned off.
I thought that the showing file extension might be turned off.

So I put Old in front of WindowSettings and restarted EW. The inspector still hangs over the left edge.

I talked to the other techs and this is a bug. It is fixed in the next build. I do not have a date on when it will be released but keep an eye of the forum as it will be released here first.
Thanks for taking care of it! I look forward to the fix!

YES!!!! This is corrected with beta! The screen is now just smaller than my computer screen, unless I maximize it and then it is the same size. It opens to the same size and place regardless of where my panes are located.