[RESOLVED] More access violation errors

I realise there have been several threads on this topic, but none of the "cures" suggested have worked permanently.
We are running EW6 on Windows 7 and regularly get this error when we try to add a song to a schedule.
Sometimes it will output a series of these errors, though mostly it will be a single frame.
Fortunately if the error message is dismissed the song will be in the schedule.

A major concern is that if the computer audio output is connected to the church PA, a "ding" will be put out, which is somewhat embarrassing.

This happens on the church machine which is running Win7 Pro 64-bit, and my own laptop using Win7 Home.

I've tried reinstalling Quicktime, a new blank theme, updating Windows. Still get the error.
Our Database was transferred from EW 2009, if that has any relevance.

Our AV team would be very grateful if this could be fixed.


Hi !

I created a ticket using your email and we can work on it that way.
Thanks to Terry's input I have found what appears to have been going on, and a cure.

I had made themes by opening a a "New Theme" and then adding media as a background. In this case an mp4 video.

This seems to upset EW6, but if you do it by selecting the video in the "Media" resources, then Right-clicking and selecting "Copy to Theme"- "Song Theme" you will get a new theme, named from the video file, which can be used without triggering the Access Violation. The Theme can then be edited to change the name at least.

I don't know how relevant it is, but I first edited the video properties in the Media file, to provide looping and scaling (Aspect Ratio) to fill the screen.