[RESOLVED] MP3 added to slide crashes EW6 (5.5)

We are trying to play an MP3 (by adding to a blank song slide). We have done this many times before. When the slide 'goes live' EW6 evaporates.

I thought this was due to the particular new MP3 we were using but the same thing happens with MP3s which have worked perfectly in the past - in fact all MP3s we have tried. The exact same problem is happening on two different installations (both W10, latest version)

We converted the MP3 to MP4 and that works. Quicktime plays the MP3s OK

So we have an interim fix but not a long term solution.

Does anyone have a solution please?

Please try installing the DScaler decoder and let me know how it works. Here is the link to it.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... alerForDVD
I installed the DScaler (and restarted my PC). The problem still occurs. I am 99% certain that DScaler was already installed - we have played many MP4 videos previously. (fyi - Quicktime player is the latest version).
You may also try installing the K-Lite codec pack from the page I linked to on my previous reply.
Thanks Roger ... that worked. At the beginning of the K-Lite install it flashed up a warning about a DivX component and asked to disable it - which I did. I tried EW again but still had the same problem so went ahead with the K-LIte install which fixed the problem.

However it occurs to me that both of us who are having the problem have installed the DivX software in the past couple of months and probably not tried any audio since then. Could that have possibly caused this problem?

I could try uninstalling both the K-Lite and DivX and see if that resolves the issue. And/or the DivX software I believe is not installed on our church laptop so could do a test there.
As I had begun to suspect it does appear to be a conflict with the DIVX software that was causing the problem.

I uninstalled both the K-Lite codecs and the DIVX software and now EW6 is functioning as before. Maybe this will help anyone else who experiences this.

Thanks for your input which enabled me to work out what was happening.