[RESOLVED]Foldback flicker after build 5.5

EW6 recently updated. Since the update, our foldback monitor flickers with images and video. Even a 1280x720 JPG will flicker (loss of signal type of flicker.) The overlays (clock, next-item, etc) don't flicker, only the image. Also, when a song is displayed, we dont notice any issues.

The monitor is set at 1280x720, connected directly to the PC. When we connect another PC to the same setup, we have no problems.

Any Ideas?


I am sorry that you are having this issue.
This is a bug that has been reported to the developers. I do not have a time on when it will be fixed.
Thanks. Until then, can we roll back to the prior version?
You may revert back, but I do have some questions about the equipment you are using for foldback.
From my testing, I had to use the onboard intel graphics card and the dedicated NVIDIA graphics card to reproduce this problem.
I found that when I plugged all three screens into the Nvidia Graphics card, the flicker went away.

How are you connecting your foldback screen to the computer? Are you using two video cards, the onboard and the dedicated card?
If you have a video card like the NVIDIA GTX graphics cards that support three or four monitors, please try connecting to the nvidia card instead of the onboard card. You may need to purchase a video adapter, but you'll get better results this way.
We're using an GTX 750 Ti card. DisplayPort out to the main projection system, HDMI out to the foldback. Onboard GPU is only for the local display.
That will cause this issue. You'll be much better off connecting everything to the 750 Ti. It will support at least three screens and is capable of four if the manufacturer provided four ports. You may need to purchase an adapter to accomplish this, but it will work much better.
I connected the local display to the GTX 750 Ti. The current video output setup looks like this:

GTX 750 Ti
DisplayPort - Main Projectors
HDMI - Foldback (direct to projector)
DVI - Local Display

Nothing is connected to the onboard output.

The flicker issue is still there.

Looks like disabling the onboard graphics in Device Manager may have resolved this.

All 3 displays are connected to the GTX750 with no flicker on the foldback.
I'm glad to hear that. That also helps us nail down what the culprit is.