[RESOLVED] EW6 crash on start after Windows 10

Recently I upgraded my MS Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10. Our church has been considering upgrading their main desktop running EW6 to Windows 10, so I decided I would test the application. I installed the most recent version off of the website and every time I try to open the application it has a Windows crash:

"Easyworship has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

I tried uninstalling EW6, shutting down and restarting my surface, followed by a reinstall, but the problem remains.

Any ideas? I'm going to try installing EW6 on another laptop running Windows 10 in the next few days.


EW6 is supported on Wndows 10 on laptops and desktops but not on a MS surface Pro.
Before the update to 10 I was able to run EW6 and 2009 in Windows 8.1 without problem on the same device.
You can try rolling back to Windows 8.1.
After reinstalling Windows 10 everything works fine. Did a sfc /scannow, dism, and disk check and found several missing or corrupted component files. Not an EW problem.

So, case closed.

EW6 is supported on Wndows 10 on laptops and desktops but not on a MS surface Pro.

I have an older surface pro 2 running windows 10, I have not yet put EW6 on it but have been giving it some thought as it is easily the most capable computer in the church. I'm curious as to why you say EW6 will not run on a Surface Pro when the OS is identical to the OS on the laptop.
It's more than just OS, especially on older computers, it is all the drivers that must be up to date for Windows 10. If your computer is performing normally using Windows 7 & 8.1 I wouldn't upgrade to Windows 10 unless I had time to debug all the issues. I have only upgraded one computer at home; I'll have plenty of time to debug and it was a clean install.