[Tips & Tricks] vMacros - Copying multiple file formats into EW6 from ThumbDrive

EasyWorship users, we have a series of vMacro utilities to make life easier with your church tech team.

There is a link at the bottom of this post to view a video tutorial on our Macros.

If you bring PPT, PPTX, MP3, MP4, WMA or other formated video, audio or presentation files to the church on a thumb drive and need to copy them into EW for use, there is the challenge of each of your tech team knowing how to do this as well as just where to copy the files to.

One of our utilities is called vMacros Green Thumb. To use this utility simply plug your thumb drive into your USB port on your computer and start the macro. When the macro open navigate to the drive letter of your removable thumb drive files.

Once you see your files you can click at the top of the window to set that as your Default drive letter for future ease of use.

Now simply hold down the CTRL key and click the files you wish to add to EW. Media or Presentation files.

If you wish to copy All files, hold down the SHIFT key and select the first followed by the last file in the list and all files will be highlighted for copying to EW.

Next click the Copy Files button in the lower RH corner, sit back and watch EW copy these files to the proper folders.

When the vMacro has completed the copy process you are given the opportunity of having those files Added to your EW service schedule automatically. Once the files are added you can move the files to any order you wish to use them during a service.


These vMacros will be available shortly for a nominal cost.

We have other vMacros that are in the works like "EasyWorship 6 Data Backup Utility".

Larry Benson