[Tips & Tricks] Duplicate Video Files

I recently updated to EW6 from EW2009. The database from 2009 was corrupt so we started from scratch on EW6. I immediately imported all of the videos (about 20gigs ) into EW under Media/Videos. This caused the hard drive usage to jump by 20gigs after the import was completed. At first I thought no problem I will just remove the original videos. So I move the originals in Windows Explorer to another location. Then restarted EW and none of the videos would play. So I exited EW and put the videos back. When I opened EW the Videos would again play.

the SoftTouch\EasyWorship\Kids\Resources\Videos folder is the same size as the Original Videos folder.

If there is a copy in the resources folder, why do we need the originals?
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Are the copies actual files or just short cuts pointing to the actual files? If you move the files and the short cuts are still pointing to where the files used to be then they will not work. If you copy the actual files and put them into the videos folder then you will only have them in one location.