[Tips & Tricks] using feeds

I want to project through EW the output from my iphone.

The iphone as a good app called isingworship which enables a worship leader to use a backing track and lead worship. It enables the user to change which verse or chorus follows next and has a special software that seamlessly links the verse to the chorus and allows instrumentals to be inserted. The words are also sync with the music. The iphone can be connected to a TV or projector but with the laptop connected to the projector and the iphone then one has to switch between the projector inputs which is possible but not particularly seamless. The thought is that if I connect the iphone to the laptop by the USB port then it would become a feed that could then be projected through EW. The laptop recognises the iphone as an attached device but I cannot get EW to see it. When I use "add feed" there are only 2 options that appear in the drop down box. They are both internal parts of the laptop. I can select the webcam and get that projected live but cannot find a way of getting EW to recognise the iphone which is attached to the laptop via the USB port. Is seems that other cameras can be connected so I am hoping that I just need to be shown how to get EW to "see" the iphone. Can any one tell me if that is possible and if so how to do it.

Chris Perkins.

If you want to connect it to the laptop, you may need to get a USB capture device.
We have a list of capture cards that we have tested with EasyWorship on the system requirements page.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... ents-ew-6-
I have installed an Avermedia HD capture card (there are several different models of these cards. Choose the one you feel best for you and your existing hardware) in the church PC which captures HDMI. This shows as a feed in EW.
I have an Ezicast dongle plugged into the HDMI input and if you run the software for Ezicast on an Android or Mac system device, you can project from that device. These dongles are quite cheap. The problem is that they only have a range of about 5 meters - but - you can reconfigure them to link to your church WiFi network which then gives them a much larger range - very convenient.

That also means it can be entered into the schedule and seamlessly projected any time you wish.
Apple TV will do the same for only Apple devices, Miracast will only work for Android but EZicast works for all.