[Tips & Tricks] Save song to use on next schedule

I hope this is just something I haven't figured out how to do and not something not available. I have "We Will Glorify" all set and ready for use on August 14. I want to use the same thing for August 21. Is there not a way to save this song so I can just select and drop it on my August 21 schedule? Please don't tell me I have to retype it all again. Another user has already got the other additions to that Sunday's schedule (scripture, sermon title) added that are usually not added until after I am done with the initial file.

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Hi bmbutler,

Great question. If you are going to type in a song you want to use more than once, you'll want to create that song in the database, that way you can just drag it into a new schedule from the database list. If you need help with that, we have videos to help you with that. Here is the link. https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000214540

You can edit the song and copy and paste the text from the words view into a new song in the database, so you don't have to retype it.

You can also import the 14th schedule into the 21st schedule by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the schedule area.
Personally, I would remove everything out of the 14th schedule and resave it as a different name like WeWillGlorify.ewsx.
Then import that schedule into the 21st schedule.
this appears to be a new action in EW6 being able to add multiple schedules to one, but am I missing something, there also no longer seems to be the option to add these songs to the database. So if I prepare the schedule in my office and transfer it to our projection computer by email or jump drive I have to recreate them that computer if I want to save them.
Hi mrvoltz,

Thanks for posting. Your comment about this being a new feature got me to thinking. I didn't know when it was added. So I loaded up version 6.1.2, one of the original releases from December of 2014, and found that the option was there. This was a great exercise for me, because it reminded me of how much EasyWorship 6 has changed (for the better) since the original release. [attachment=0:35g50e7d]612importschedule.png[/attachment:35g50e7d]

Importing items from the schedule is planned to be in 6.5.6.
Thanks Roger, I have been following the thread I found on this feature.
Although I purchased EW6 right away we only recently upgraded as I had hesitation from my operators because of the new look etc. I finally gave them no choice, and that feature just hadn't come up yet. Thank again for all you and the EW team does, waiting for 6.5.6