[Tips & Tricks] Transfer one song

Our church just started using Easy Worship Version 6.
I also have a copy of this program at home.
I have added and edited a song onto this program at my home computer.
How do I transfer this one song to the program on the main computer at church?
Thank you in advance...


Add the song to a schedule file and then save it to a flash drive and then bring that to the other machine and open then schedule. If you want to add the song to the database on the other machine then you will need to edit in the schedule and then cut and paste it into a new song.
The next version of EW will make this easier. Version 6.5.6 will bring back this feature that some of us are used to from EW2009 of importing new songs from a schedule to the database.

So, what is the current status on this - we really want to shift over to version 6 but the lack of ability to import songs from another computer into our master database is killing us. Cloud based has no appeal - the sanctuary projection computer is not on-line to prevent unauthorized net access - we need import capability to keep our song database current. We are inches from moving over to a different platform that meets our multi-person team workflow needs.

Thanks for checking in on the progress of the next update.
We are working with an internal beta right now and plan on releasing a beta to the public soon. You'll see it posted here on the forum when it's available. It will have the import song option in it.
What is the status of this?
This was added and is working in the current build of EasyWorship 6. Which you can download from this link https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/6000091844-easyworship-6-software-download:255l4vto]Download