[Tips & Tricks] Midi Output

I'm playing with EW6 on windows 10 prior to migration to the Church system.

I can add an Midi file to an entire song to have it play while I manually advance the verses - fantastic.

However, it appears to use the Microsoft (internal/software) Midi mapper. How to I get it to use the USB Midi Output device (which is auto-recognised under Win10) that I have connected so it will instead play through out Roland External Midi Synthesizer (which produces usable sound).

Has anyone managed to do this?
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So, with lots of playing and investigation looks like I found an answer.


Although this is listed for "Vista" it appears to work just fine with Windows 10. I have a USB to Midi cable which installs just fine on Windows, and then running this EXE recognises the new ports.

Now running EasyWorship 6 and the MIDI comes out via the USB-Midi adaptor!