[v6 General Discussion] Video Lag Issue


We are experiencing issues at multiple computers with Easy Worship not being able to play larger videos. What would be the reason for this? We have high powered tech computers and the video's play fine in other programs. But it seems the larger the video, the more it either lags or the audio/video doesn't line up.

Will EW 7 solve this? What are steps we can take to solve this?
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High powered tech computers tells us nothing useful. You need to provide actual specs of the computer, especially the graphics card. An easy way to do that is by downloading and running CPU-Z. It's free, small, and available from https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html When you run it click on the VALIDATE tab at the lower right of the first screen then on Submit on the screen that pops up. You will need to be online when you do this. Copy the URL that shows up a few seconds later and paste that into a reply here along with the other information requested.

That said, which release and build of EW6 are you running? Did you install and configure the Media/Codec packs Decoders as per Without these codecs and settings EW can exhibit the issues you describe, especially on lower powered computers graphically.

How well your computer plays videos in other software like Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, or any other video player isn't relevant. EW uses it's own integrated Video Player that is more demanding that any of those stand alone video players due to needing to be integrated into the overall EW program. A video that plays well in one of those other programs might not play well in EW due to this.

And what do you mean by larger video? Higher resolution, higher bitrates, larger file sizes, or what? We need details to really help.

What formats of videos? MP4. MOV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, AVI, MKV, ? That makes a difference.

One diagnostic trick to try is go into Edit - Options - Advanced and check the box next to "Disable GPU Shrink Filter". If the videos play okay in EW with that setting you know that your hardware isn't capable of playing those videos thru EW. This is a short term diagnostic trick only and isn't meant for long term, every day, 24/7 use as it can produce erratic results in the long term.

Remember, none of us are there looking over your shoulder to see what is happening. You need to be our eyes and ears and the more details you provide the better. And no, EW7 won't solve the above issues for you.