[v6 General Discussion] Remote Clicker for EW6

We are running EW6 and periodically get a presenter who wants to operate his own PowerPoint. I'm hoping somebody can help me find the best solution. We're in need of a remote clicker that has a range of at least 70' / 22 meters. I'd prefer one that's simple to operate for guests. Thanks!

1. Will the clicker be able to control a PowerPoint embedded in a EW6 show?

2. Will the clicker be able to activate subpoints within the slide (ie "animations) without automatically advancing to the next slide?

3. Can you recommend a make and model that can do what we need?


Check this article.
Thanks! It looks like that Smh-Link VP4910 with 150' range is the ticket. Can't wait to use it. I've had 3 guest speakers in rapid succession who needed this. It would have been so nice to have!