[v6 General Discussion] Background Video Locations for Song Themes

When I upgraded from EW 2009 to EW 6, the import feature automatically created song themes from the videos I was using as backgrounds in my songs. The videos stayed where they were originally (i.e. they were not imported to the "video" folder in the "Media" tab) but the imported song theme had videos. If I go to the inspector in any of those imported themes, it does not show the location of the videos. I don't know how those themes even work, but I am glad that they do.

When you create a new song theme, the videos must exist in the "video" folder in the "Media" tab. I don't care for this behavior because I have to lump those many background loop videos in with all the other videos (bumpers and announcements) that I might use in a service. This makes finding these videos very cumbersome.

Is there a way to put the background loop videos in a different folder so they won't be included with others I need for a given service? Or is there a way to change the default folder that the inspector looks in for background loop videos?

BTW, I have searched far and wide for any answer to this query but have found nothing.

I attached a video of how this should work. Please let me know if doing it this way isn't working for you.
Thank you Rodger. That helped. I was finally able to import the entire album into a Collection. I've been struggling with this since 6 came out and just moved the absolute minimum into 6, now 7 one file at a time.

I'll give this video as well as the one in the Training Videos section to my daughter when the new (or at least newer refurb) laptop arrives next week and let her arrange things as she likes.
This method worked for me also. I just have to train everyone to use collections instead of looking in Media.