[v6 General Discussion] Background Video Locations for Song Themes

When I upgraded from EW 2009 to EW 6, the import feature automatically created song themes from the videos I was using as backgrounds in my songs. The videos stayed where they were originally (i.e. they were not imported to the "video" folder in the "Media" tab) but the imported song theme had videos. If I go to the inspector in any of those imported themes, it does not show the location of the videos. I don't know how those themes even work, but I am glad that they do.

When you create a new song theme, the videos must exist in the "video" folder in the "Media" tab. I don't care for this behavior because I have to lump those many background loop videos in with all the other videos (bumpers and announcements) that I might use in a service. This makes finding these videos very cumbersome.

Is there a way to put the background loop videos in a different folder so they won't be included with others I need for a given service? Or is there a way to change the default folder that the inspector looks in for background loop videos?

BTW, I have searched far and wide for any answer to this query but have found nothing.

You can do that by creating Collections.
If the video or image background was converted from 2009 and the media item isn't in resources, it would have copied it to the shared media folder that is not visible in the media area. Here is an example of where it might be on the hard drive. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\Resources\SharedMedia
These really shouldn't have been moved around like that. They worked just find in the folder hierarchy that people had them in to begin with. Moving them like this just made a lot more work for users for no good reason.
Nothing was moved, if it was a media item that wasn't already in resources, it copied it to that folder. The reason being is that we had calls and emails too many to count where people lost the functionality of their backgrounds because they moved the file or deleted it. This ensures the background is going to work. Some of the files only existed in the Database a blob objects, so they weren't in any folder.
I was mainly referring to shoving all of the videos in one central location under Media in EW forcing us to re-organize them into collections when they were already in collections in the first place. There was absolutely no legitimate reason for EW to do that as it took the Easy out of EasyWorship. That's why I (and several other of our users) still use 2009 unless someone made a presentation in EW7 instead of using a PowerPoint.
I never really got an answer to my question. Is there a way to hide slide background videos/loops (of which we have hundreds) so that they are separate from the weekly announcement videos? It is a pain to have to sort through the entire list of videos just to find the few that we need to display on a weekly basis.
I'm sorry, at this time you can't hide videos, but you can create collections that filter out everything you don't want.
Unfortunately, collections don't really help me. I still have to search through the entire list of videos in order to select what goes into a collection each week. The collections do help whoever is running EW on Sunday morning, but I still have to do the work to sort everything out. I'm not real sure why the decision was made to not allow subfolders within the main resource folders. That would have solved the problem nicely.
I've been asking that since EW6 was still in Beta and they still haven't provided an adequate answer.
If you are used to putting these items in their own folder, you can create a folder then point the collection to that folder using the directory option. That would work similar to the old 2009 method. 2009 didn't store any additional information for the media items, so it could just be a live folder. EasyWorship 6 and 7 have to have the ability to store information about the media items, like mark in and out points, audio levels along with other information. For this reason, what you see isn't a live folder view but a database view of the folder.
The problem with EW6 and 7 is that it won't work with nested folders. This causes problems with audio files. Instead of having them neatly organized by Artist - Album - Songs you either have to put all of the songs under Artist, or create multiple collections for the same artist. Makes things way to messy and more difficult to deal with when you have a lot of songs like we do in our children's church. They often times go off schedule and request songs during the service. Easily done in in 2009, but a nightmare in 6 and 7. That's why our children's church is still on 2009.
In order to address sub folders you'll use the directory option using the (is) selection instead of (contains) and enter the path you want to use as shown in the attached image.
Doesn't work. In the Audio folder in Resources is the Artist name. Under that is the Album Name. Under that is the song name. The song does NOT have the artist's name or the album name in it. It doesn't import the folder nor the songs.

For example,

Softouch - Easyworship - Resources - Audio - Discovery Land - Brentwood Kids - Crazy Praize - My Brother, My Friend.wma

Softouch - Easyworship - Resources - Audio - Discovery Land - Brentwood Kids - Crazy Praize - I Just Wanna Be A Sheep.wma

Softouch - Easyworship - Resources - Audio - Discovery Land - Brentwood Kids - Crazy Praize - On A Day Like This.wma

It's just way too complicated when you have a lot of songs, images, videos, etc. to arrange them into collections.
I'll give it a shot and see how it works out. If I can put it in a subfolder and point the collection there, that might work.