[v6 General Discussion] Account password change disabled main machine's license

So, easyworship6 embarrassed itself again....

It locked up mid-performance. It happens, not going to make a big deal about it, and it is the first time in many months.

So, I took reasonable steps to create a backup plan, with a backup machine.

I installed EW6, copied over the license file, tried logging in, but although it was correct, the password was not accepted. I reset the password, got the email, entered (the same) password, logged in, registered, and finished configuring my backup plan.

It was all good until someone did a restart of our main EW6 projection computer, and I got a panicked communication that the registration was no longer any good. Luckily, it was pre-show and I was in the building, so there was only 10 minutes of panic. I was able to login and get the machine re-registered with enough time before the start time.

To summarize, I 'reset' the password on the EW account (using the same password), and it kicked out the license of the main projection computer.

This over-achieving copy protection scheme needs repair.

Really. Seriously. This event makes me even more hesitant to remain on this software platform.