[v6 General Discussion] Office 2019 and 64 bit office


Were considering moving to Office 2019 and maybe using 64 bit office.

Is office 2019 and/or 64bit supported in EasyWorship 6?


2019 has not been tested. 64 or 32 bit office will work with EasyWorship, but I recommend 32 bit office unless you have files that exceed 4 gigbytes in size. The only benefit of 64 bit is the ability to work with larger files.
Is Office 2019 supported in Easyworship 7?

By the way - we are reconsidering the switch to 64 bit office. It does have some performance improvements when using large video files (and they don't have to be 4 GB in size), but video codec support is not as good as in 32 bit.