[v6 General Discussion] Video choppy

I was hoping you could help me to figure out what to do here:

We have two simultaneous problems. One i've contacted by email the support team but will put it in here if I got a response quicker:

1. (The already contacted issue) When we import a powerpoint presentation it's showing up as all black on the selection screen. You can see the slide in the 'previewer' bottom right and on the screen, but not where you actually click. Thoughts?

2. The video is choppy. I play it through VLC on the screens and everything is fine. I noticed on Sunday someone had a moving graphic in the bag ground that was acting up, and now this. The audio seems to be running fine. So it's just the animated graphics/videos that are acting up.

Thanks for any help.
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First off what version of EW are you using and what version of PowerPoint? And are you using full PowerPoint or the PPT Viewer? I'm assuming that it's EW6 based on where you posted, but which release of EW? The latest two releases are much better than the earlier ones.

Next, what are your hardware specs? Please be as detailed as possible. Stating Nvidia graphics tells us nothing. We need to know exactly what graphics as long as all of the other pertinent hardware. Too much information is better than not enough. Remember, we aren't there looking over your shoulder at the screen so you have to be our eyes and ears.

What AntiVirus are you using? I've found that a lot of the third party AV software, especially the free ones like Avast can really bog down a borderline system causing video choppines and dropouts. This can be exacerbated if the computer has a spinning platter hard drive. A system with an SSD doesn't need nearly as long for the AV to finish it's scans when you boot it up and stops interfering with other use of the system like video playback. Windows 10 also suffers from this when it first boots up.

Do you have DScaler and the correct K-Lite Codec pack installed and properly configured for your version of EW? EW6 is pretty much braindead without them when it comes to video playback.

Some details about the specific videos would also help. Are they .wmv, .mp4, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .avi or what? H264, h265? What bitrate? What resolution?

Are these issues that just started happening or have this been going on for a long time? If they just started happening what changes have you made on the computer just prior to the problem appearing?

As far as choppy video, VLC isn't a good metric to compare to. EW 6 and 7 are poorly optimized when it comes to video display and DirectX usage. VLC can play pretty much any 1080p video very smoothly on computers with onboard graphics from over 10 years ago. Computers that EW will barely be able to run period and struggle to play even low res videos. Displaying videos thru EW 6 or 7 is like trying to pull a school bus behind a 1960's VW Beetle while doing so in VLC is like pulling a childs coaster wagon behind a race car.