[v6 General Discussion] DVD will not play

We have EasyWorship 6 on our church computer. I put a DVD in the DVD player and go to create a DVD clip in EasyWorship to play the DVD. I right-click to create a new DVD clip. Nothing every shows up in the preview window. The DVD never plays to set anything. I can play the DVD just fine in VLC player. We have the latest version of Dscaler installed. The operating system is Windows 10. Is there anything else I can try to make this work?

If dscaler is installed then it could be the specific DVD.
This is the second DVD that would not work in EasyWorship. Does K-Lite need to be installed?
Not for DVD playback.
I have tried several DVD's. None will play in EasyWorship.
Please try uninstalling DScaler and reinstall from the link provided on this following page.

I did that when we started having this problem. It didn't help. Could there be something with a recent Windows update?
I don't think it's a windows update. DVDs seem to be playing for me with all of the latest updates installed.

Can you provide the name of the DVD and who makes it? Not all DVDs are made the same.
I have tried four different DVD's in the past month. None of them work. I right clicked to add a new DVD clip. Nothing shows up in the area where the DVD menu should show up so I can click on play. Nothing plays so that I can make any settings for the clip.
I would create a ticket so that we can work on this better.
Thank you