[v6 General Discussion] Freezing and Not Responding in EW6 with Windows 10

At times, I find that the mouse pointer disappears whilst creating a schedule. If I press escape it usually returns. This may or may not be related but when I continue creating the schedule, EW6 (build sometimes freezes. When I check Task Manager, sometimes it indicates that EW is not responding, but not always. The only way that I can proceed is to use task manager to close the program. I do not receive an error message. The EW schedules concerned include Powerpoint files. I thought at first that this may be due to having imported some .pptx files into the schedule, but it continued to happen with .ppt 2003 files.

1. Any ideas about the cause of the pointer disappearing or the freezing?

2. When EW freezes, is there any way to unfreeze it apart from closing it?

3. It would be useful if EW auto-saved so that I don't have to either frequently save or lose all my work. Should I request this as a feature?

(PS - I have EW 7 but am waiting for a suitable time to start using it. Perhaps the issue will not exist in EW7?)


It only takes a few minutes to switch to EW7, and most of that is the time it takes to install it. EW7 will pick up the existing profile and act like it was there all along. Unless you enable the dark theme your users will never notice that anything changed. My users didn't know until I told them a couple of weeks later (I had edited the shortcut to just read EasyWorship).

We did notice that EW7 definitely runs smoother with fewer hiccups. I can't guarantee that it will fix you problem, but it's worth a try. You can have both 6 and 7 installed at the same time so that isn't an issue.
Thanks for the re-assurance. I'll give it a go.