[v6 General Discussion] Continuous moving background

I have a problem with my easyworship 7, I set a moving video background (master) on all slides, and whenever I go to the next slide, the video starts over. Can someone help me with this, need some answers before our worship service.

I just tried it on the latest release of EW6 (version and EW7 and it works fine for me. What I did was add the scripture, song lyrics, sermon, presentation to the schedule with no background then drag and dropped the video onto the top title slide. EW will apply them to the other slides. The video background continued to playback without restarting.

If I am missing something here, or that doesn't help could you zip up the particular presentation or schedule with the backgound and post it here so that I can look at it and see what I can figure out? I don't guarantee anything, but I'm willing to try. I doubt that any EW support personel are monitoring the board or in the office on Saturday to offer any help.

It sounds like you have it set as a foreground in Easyworship 7. If you open up the presentation or song and then click on Inspector. Under here click on Background and look at the Media Usage and see if it is set to Foreground. If it is click on the Background option and then click OK.