[v6 General Discussion] losing slides


When I started as office administrator last fall, my church was still using a very old version of EasyWorship. I convinced them to upgrade in January and moved to EW6 (unfortunately that was just prior to the release of 7 and who knows how long before I can convince them to upgrade again).

I am having a consistent (as in weekly) yet random (as in unpredictable) problem with missing slides on Sunday morning. I prepare the slides on my computer during the week. Friday I go to the computer in the sanctuary and open the same file there (networked). I run through each slide to make sure that everything is correct and displays properly. Inevitably, there will be one song, scripture or presentation that has lost a slide. A hymn which had 4 verses on my computer will now only have 3 (no pattern on which verse will be gone. Could be first, last or anything in between.) The scripture reading will be missing verses. Or a presentation will have a slide missing. I have had to start putting a note in each song, scripture and presentation with how many slides there should be so that it can be verified when we're live. I will make all the necessary corrections on Friday, but Sunday morning (using the same computer and the same file), there could be other slides missing. This is causing great frustration and great mis-trust of EasyWorship by the congregation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've never had this.

My only suggestion is to prepare all the pieces for a service in the office but to actually put them into a schedule on Friday in the Sanctuary. Once all the individual items are prepared it is usually very quick to make the schedule.

You will want to create a ticket so that we can try to trouble shoot the issue. You can create one here https://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new]Submit Ticket