[v6 General Discussion] Had some Scripture passages disappear. How do I restore them?

had something really odd happen this morning when setting up for service. I dragged a passage of Scripture (3 verses from 1 John 1 to be exact) over to the schedule. Instead of setting it as a new passage, I apparently missed and dropped it onto another set of scriptures in the schedule. no big deal, I'll just redo the drag and drop, right? Except that the Scriptures I tried to drag are gone from the Bibles itself. It actually deleted the Scriptures from the Bible!

I tried a control-Z to undo what I had done, but that didn't work. changing translation didn't work. closing and restarting Easy Worship didn't restore it. opening other schedules hasn't brought those passages back. Jesus may have said that His world will never pass away, but apparently Easy Worship didn't! LOL

So now the question is, how can I restore my Bibles- all of them- to include the verses that have mysteriously been deleted from the database?