[v6 General Discussion] error message that freezes my screen

I keep getting this error message that freezes my screen whenever I try to open my IMAGES folder

"Access violation at address 00FF7D2D".
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It's possible that you have something other than an image in your images folder.

Click the profile menu at the top of EasyWorship and click on profiles manager.

Click the link next to instance location.

In the file explorer window that appears, go to resources then images.

Take anything that is not an image (jpg, bmp, png, gif) out of that folder.

Also would be a good idea to do the same with videos.

Close EasyWorship out, leaving the file explorer window open.

Also close helper by right clicking the blue play icon in the system tray next to the time and click exit.

Back in the file explorer windows, open the v6.1 folder.

Open datacache

Delete the temp and thumbnails folders. They will rebuild when you reopen EW.

Go back one folder and open options.

Open the .ewo folder. (you may have multiple. do this with all of them).

delete the thumbnails folder from within the .ewo folder.

Then reopen EW.