[v6 General Discussion] NDI and EasyWorship 7

I am a long time EW user and in the last 3 years a VMix user so know quite well what NDI can do and how. I was very excited when EW adopted NDI technology. We now use it every week in EW and Vmix. VMix provides a utility that you can run on another computer that will make that computer - PC's, laptops and Mac's, NDI compatible.

Since NDI has been available in EW 7, I have not seen any comments about importing screens from another NDI enabled computer. [i]Devices[/i] are mentioned but for the average EW user, how do you make, say a laptop, NDI compatible with EW? How do you make/get your device to be NDI enabled?

So far I have been using the Vmix utility - which works fine but for those who do not know about Vmix and how NDI works, How would they connect a laptop to the NDI input of EW? In fact, there is very little info about NDI in EW 7 Help and for someone new to EW, or seeing NDI for the first time, they would wonder what it was all about. In actual fact, it is possible to select, as a feed, any screen from an NDI enabled laptop - e.g. you could pick up as a feed any one of the screens from a multimonitor computer and use that as a live feed. For example, the preacher for the day may want to use his own laptop. Load the NDI utitlity on that machine and connect to the network then find that NDI feed in EW - or VMix and send it to screen.

Is there an EW version of the NDI utility that can be loaded onto a laptop or other PC/Mac (as in Vmix) that will then enable the two computers to be linked together via the local wired/wireless network as a live feed? I am sure many EW users would benefit from knowing fully how NDI works and what you can actually do with it - and where to get that utility.
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You'll use EasyWorship for sending the NDI feed and for receiving the NDI feed.

This article will help with that.

Any NDI enabled device that can receive NDI signals can receive an EasyWorship NDI feed. If there is a stand alone app that can receive NDI signals, you should be able to receive an EasyWorship NDI feed.