[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint locked up EW6!

This has happened on two services now : - (
Initially able to display a Powerpoint presentation without issues. Later in the service try to show it again. Won't go live. Then progressively things get worse. Next can't toggle the logo screen. Then can't do anything. Can't quit EW6 - locked solid. CTRL ALT Del to get out. Reload EW 6 - still won't go live. Have to do a full reboot of the PC to get it to work. Other elements of the schedule work OK - songs, images (not sure about videos - didn't have one in this schedule).

We have recently updated to Windows 10 Founders Edition - dunno is that's significant. Latest version of Powerpoint from Office 2016

The powerpoint integration code is the same from 6 to 7.
Hi @rodger ,

Last couple of months the issue seemed gone while using the "live" button instead of the "logo" button until a couple of weeks ago when the issues seems to reappear. In the mean time we had 2 services where EW stopped functioning just after the scripture reading like this :

- scripture reading

- click "live", 2nd screen shows windows background image

- Load Powerpoint en Go Live to first slide

- click "live" (I expect the powerpoint to be displayed)

- frozen system (reboot needed before proper functioning again)

We still use EW 6 and PPT Office 365 version (16.0.11929...)

Can it be something related to the Powerpoint version? Maybe it is to new and something has changed between the newest version and the 2010 edition?

Please help.



You will want to create a ticket so that we can trouble shoot this issue.