[v6 General Discussion] EW font in PPT

We mainly use 1 background for our songs and sermon during a service. Our songs are done in EW, our sermon in ppt 2010. In EW, we use Calibri 44, white, bold, shadow and outline and really like how it looks. It can be on a slightly busy background and the words pop and are legible. I would like something similar in ppt. Can you tell me what settings I need to use in ppt, so that it is close to the same font? I can do the font, the size, bold. In ppt (we are using 2010) I can edit my outline size and shape. Using the WordArt, I can select shadow and then can edit the shadow options. What numbers should I use for outline size and shape, and what numbers for the shadow options, so that the fonts end up looking similar?

Thanks for your help!
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You can use Calibri 44 and set it to outline and shadow.